Please join us for Law Day May 1, 2017

Please read this message from David Levesque, Esq., President of the Maine State Bar Association.

The New Lawyers Section of the Maine State Bar Association has again started planning the Lawyers in Libraries program for Law Day, which this year will be on Monday, May 1.  The New Lawyers Section does not currently have any administrative help, but as many libraries are eager to participate this year, a number of librarians agreed to take on some of the responsibilities of organizing this year's program.

Whether you participated before or not, if you have a connection to your local library, you may be hearing directly from your librarian asking whether you would be willing to participate this year and staff the project for a couple of hours.

If you know that you would be willing to take part in Law Day this year, you are also welcome to contact your local library to check if they are planning a Law Day event, and to let them know that you would be available to participate.

There are materials on this site that you can look through to help you plan your local law day, including a limited representation form (and limited representation explanation and rules) to use when giving brief consultations to library patrons.

The goal of Law Day is to spread the word about the importance of access to justice, and to extend that access to library patrons who may have legal questions and who would benefit from knowing the next steps they should take.

If you decide to participate, or have further questions please e-mail

Resources for Lawyers to help you prepare for a successful Law Day event at your local library

Please reference the list below, read eveything, and print out what you need.

Limited representation forms and information; Evaluation

Other resources:

Please fill out and submit an evaluation form. If you have already submitted your paper form to the librarian hosting your event, thank you!